Wednesday, April 18, 2012

This too!

 I made my mom's famous lemon merangue pie and had to take this picture!  Not only was it deeeeeeeeelicious, it came out picture-perfect!
 I made several of these at Christmas time for gifts.  They are cute and each one is different.  I'm starting a few more now for this coming season.  More photos to come :)  My friend just gave me a HUGE box of antique buttons that are now going to be a part of the future santa table runners.

What I've been up to

 This quilt I made for a friend who brought me some fabric and I added the rest.  It's for her niece.  Cute butterfly fabric in the Illinois Road Pattern.

 This is another one made for my friend's niece.  She brought the flower fabric, which was VERY difficult to work with because it had squares stamped on it that were seriously NOT straight. 

 OMG this one is cute.  It's made with the Brown Bear fabric by Eric Carle for Andover.  the first quilt I made with this fabric was for a friend of mine's daughter.  She loved it so much, she decided the baby's room was going to be modeled around this quilt!  It's fun and bright.  Below is the backing, which is as cute as the front!

 My timing is a bit off on this one (I should have made a Chicago Blackhawks quilt).  But fun nontheless.  It was a real pain in the neck to make.  None of my original blocks measured out to what the pattern said they should be.
 Since owls are SO popular right now, I had to make this.  Of course, I made it in one of my favorite baby quilt patterns, the famous Illinois Road.